Nightwatch Update

The Nightwatch is making a huge difference in Sioux Falls.  We are feeding between 1 and 2 hundred people each Sunday evening with the other area Methodist churches.  Each and every Sunday you (First Church family) are serving 50 men, women and children here in our parking lot.

Not only to we satisfy the immediate need of food but we offer a friendly ear and conversation.  We invite everyone to worship with us, many take us up on it.  Thank you for making everyone feel welcome.  

On several occations we distribut clothing, blankets, and devotional booklets.  The key to being able to distribute more then just food is YOU.  We need you to join our team and help set up and distribute these items.  It would also be great if you could coordinate the collectuon of these items.  If you would like to learn more about this opportinity please contact me Tami Prostrollo

Remember we serve breakfast every Sunday .  Our next opportunity to serve dinner is July 16 join us!