Whisperings from the Library

Normally when you think of libraries you think of quiet places with shelves of books and comfy
chairs to come and spend some much needed down time. You may have even heard the “Ssshhh!” “Whisper please!” from the librarian.  You can still find that here in our church library as well. A quiet space with comfy chairs and thousands of books, well over 5000. In fact, since May we have added 236 books to our collection with more being added every week.  However, there is a great deal of excitement going on in the library. Wednesday nights you might find a group of parents working on projects like wrapping shoe boxes, refreshing the worship bags for the children, or assembling donations to give out at the Christmas Tree Lighting. There are students working on homework and often impromptu puppet shows.  Sunday mornings we are often visited by the joyous sounds of the Sunday school children who are busy exploring the books and listening to stories from one of our wonderful library volunteers.  There are meetings, mentoring, tutoring and memories being made up in the stacks of the library.  Come, pull up a chair and curl up with a good book and join the excitement of the library.

See you in the Stacks
Cynchia McConniel