Lydia Project for General Conference 2020

Lydia Project

 General Conference of the United Methodist is going to be in Minneapolis in 2020.  The Host Operations Team has developed a special hospitality imitative that will make a wonderful impact on our guests.  They intend to greet every delegate, bishop, and spouse with a handmade scarf to serve not only as a memento of General Conference but also as a practical solution to air-conditioned rooms.  For many of the delegates, they will experience a 20-30 degree temperature drop when they arrive in Minneapolis from their home.


This is where we come in, they are planning to have 10,000 purple hand-knit or crocheted scarves.  The scarves are going to be Royal Purple, think Minnesota Vikings or Prince, no lavender and no variegated yarn.  The yarn needs to be acrylic and please wash the scarf after it is made.  As you are making the scarves, please pray for the General Conference 2020 and the recipient of your scarf. 


The suggested knit and crocheted patterns are in the church office.  The scarves need to be about 6-7 inches wide and 60 inches long, fringe is optional, but be sure the scarf is 60 inches long before the fringe is added.  There are also tags in the office to complete and attach to the scarf with purple yarn.  Once the scarves are made and laundered, they need to be put in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag and brought to the church office.  We will store them at church and take them to Annual Conference next year. 

If you have any questions, please email Mary Jane Richardson

Thank you for your participation in the example of radical hospitality!