Join us in prayer

There are many hurting right now here in our city.  Church On The Street ministers to the folks living in the margins.  Join us in prayer for the Church On The Street ministry and the individuals they minister to.

Anonymous: Please pray I can get a job and leave the homeless shelter. I am still in high school. Please pray I graduate. Please pray my relationship stays healthy. Pray for the other kids like me. 

Pat: Please pray for Sky Spotted War Bonnet, my daughter, who is on dialysis. For my grandchildren to keep them safe, keep them in school and have enough food to feed them. For me and my sobriety and patience. Thank you!

Anonymous: A place to live. I will take any place.

Linda: I need a prayer for my sister. She made bad choices in her life and family. They are suffering.

Anonymous: Please pray for Mill and Annie as they move to Maine.

Anonymous: Prayers for people to remember the old ways. Keep the poor safe and warm and fed. Lord, give us mercy, safety, knowledge, humility, and shame for our sin.

Bennie: Please give me and my husband special prayers and give us strength. Please help my sister and give her strength while she is out there struggling with alcohol and wondering.

Johnny: One prayer is for Luke and his cancer on his face and eye. I would also like you to pray for Daniel, Jeanie and Johnny, that we get along and make it financially in our shared apartment with no drama or death.

To whom it may concern, My name is Crystal. On March 10th I was told by my doctor that my kidneys are shutting down. My health has not been good. Rebel visits all of us where ever we are and I know there are 4 of us who are very sick/have cancer and now me too. Please pray for us. Pray that we get better or at east survive. Sincerely, Crystal.

Yunawy: My English not good. Please pray for my citasine (situation).

Anonymous: I am requesting prayers for my cousin Aaron. They found a tumor behind his eye. Lord help him.

For my daughter Michelle, who is having her 2nd baby . her due date is May 24th.  I pray she is born healthy. In all aspects. Thanks for your prayers.

Pete: Lord, Father, God. Please put into motion an end to oppression of the poor in Sioux Falls. Help bring peace, love and joy and grace to the streets. Positive instead of negative. Keep these new friends I met today here safe and healthy. Help us to right living through our actions. Dear Lord I pray.

Anonymous: Please pray for all people who have addictions to keep strong.

Karla: Please pray for me, my daughter and Darcy. That they have someplace the same to live every night. Thank you for my cough going away and for sending Rebel with food for us when I was sick.

Anonymous:: Pray for Helen O’Conner for hip surgery. Pray for Connie O’Conner for good health. Pray for Kendra Arpan with spina bifida and her health. Pray for Roger Arpan and prostrate cancer.

Donna: I am mentally ill. Please pray that I get better.

Anonymous: My son has been in prison since 2014- he is my only help (like a caregiver). I am disabled and cannot always take care of myself. Thank you for picking me up. Please help him with prayers so that he may get out soon. Thank you very much. 

Logan: My grandfather is in the hospital and not doing well.

Anonymous: Please keep everyone safe and lend them to make the right choice. Amen.

Anonymous: Please pray for Annee and her family for strength. I am having a hard time keeping a job because I don’t have a car. I’m in so much financial debt that is affecting how I can keep my bills from piling up. Also, keep us in your prayers to help Annee have her three girls returned to her. She loves them so. Thank you.

Tom: Please pray for my forgiveness.

Angel: Please pray for Emily Elizabeth who is in the hospital in Minneapolis now. She has lost the will to live. She is 33 and is so loved.

Anonymous: I don’t know how to pray. Better Health and life. 

Anonymous: I need prayer for myself and my anxiety to be able to show my daughters how to live a Godly life as well as myself. I am recently beginning to trust in the Lord as my Savior. Thank you for teaching me the Lords Prayer.

Anonymous: Dear Lord, King of Kings, Our Savior. Help me! Bring forth the Holy Spirit to intercede on my behalf. Being severely flawed, allow me to worship you, praise you and submit/commit to you . I confess that you have died for my sins and have arose again being my Lord and savior. Please call/choose me and allow me to accept your will for my life. Make me a better mom, friend, relative , person and worker/doer in Christ Jesus allow your light to shine through my life and people around me and give me and my children ever lasting life in you and in you. Protect us and cushion us from blows. 

Anonymous: Thank you God for protecting me in jail and bringing me back to hear your word.