Love Ribbons for Valentines Day!

UMW Love Ribbons are a special way to show someone that you love or care about them!  They are available throughout the year, but we are featuring them this Valentine season. They only cost a dollar and can be purchased at the UMW table across from the office on Sunday mornings. UMW groups throughout the Conference participate in the Love Ribbon program, and ALL proceeds go towards Love Ribbon Grants that are given out to support projects with a focus on benefitting children. Our church’s UMW Unit has been the recipient of a number of Love Ribbon Grants in the past, and we invite you to participate in this fund-raiser by purchasing Love Ribbons to pin on your sweetheart and others you care about.  Be sure to stop by the UMW table and choose a Love Ribbon to honor that special someone at church or in your life, and be sure to include a hug after you have pinned them!

Thank you for your help.
Mary Uecker, UMW Communications
Lisa Graue, UMW Love Ribbon Coordinator