Warm Hands - Warm Heart

KELO news sites the homeless in Sioux falls altogether, including children and adults, at 955 people.

As the winter months are approaching it is our goal to collect 300 pairs of gloves or mittens we are not looking for expensive ones.  Something like this one on Amazon would be perfect.at only $5.99.

Once we received these gloves and mittens we will fill them with hand warmers and protein snacks.  Working with Pastor Rebel Hurd, from Church on the Street, we will distribute these on November 29 as we host an advent Spaghetti Dinner followed by our annual tree lighting, and again on December 16 as Taylor and his band provides an amazing Christmas worship service for Church on the Street.

If everyone that attends worship would donate just one pair we could easily meet our goal.

If you are unable to get out and purchase a pair and would like to contribute financially CLICK HERE and select Mittens from the drop down.

Together we can be a Sanctuary of Hope to those in need!