7 Deadly Sins rit by rod (Rodney Gist)

Tami asked me to contribute devotional articles of about 200 words as part of a pool of folks who contribute to her weekly publication duties.  My first thought was "Nope - 'm retired!" But as I thought about it, I thought Nope would give young people the excuse of Nope, I'm too young.  But that's what Jeremiah tried to do when God asked him to write to the Israelites about his feelings about God. (See Jeremiah 1:7)  Since Tami asked me to just write about my experiences I thought about what are my experiences?

The Lord said to me, "All men are sinners and since I've given you almost 92 years on earth you should be one of the most experienced sinners in the world, just write about that."  So I decided I'll write about what Pope Gregory the Great (6th century AD) listed as Seven Deadly Sins most spiritually damaging to human beings.  I started by looking them up to see if I remembered them right. (Old age damages your memory.) Then God said to me, "I know what you are thinking - but that's just another excuse.  Sloth is one of the deadly sins - forgetting ain't, so get busy and start writing." So where to begin?

I noted that dejection is also one of the seven.  Some call it melancholy others depression and I understand that there is a lot of that going around these days.  So much so that the suicide rate has recently increased in our society, and it infects people of all ages. So I couldn't tell God I am just too depressed to write.  He'd say that it was just another excuse, just get out of your lazy boy chair, turn off the television, finish off that 3rd cup of coffee you're drinking and do what Tami wants you to do.

But just as I got all this written, I realized that my 200 words were up and I only mentioned two of the seven deadly sins - sloth and depression.  I will get into the other five deadly sins in later posts.

The text for today's writing is from the Bible - Psalms 130:7-8. So don't let Sloth make you too lazy to look it up!

Rodney Gist