Devotions by Julie

Good morning precious child of God! I trust your day is treating you kindly. Have you ever woke up before your alarm went off and instead of getting out of bed you just lay there thinking of all the things you have to do today. Well, it was one of those moments for me. I was going through the day in my head and hoping that everyone will feel special. You see, I'm taking four grandkids who have birthdays in the month of June and first part of July. I am taking Zak with me so there is another grown up person for the four birthdays. It is a day I look forward to each year...when we celebrate all our anniversaries and all the birthdays plus fathers and Mother's Day. As I laid there going through the logistics of picking them all up, I started talking with God. "Am I nuts for doing this? Can I handle the noise and excitement these kids feel?" God always answers with "peace child, peace." And I go on to the next set of questions. This is probably the best time for a talk with me and my Father because I am still relaxed and ready to listen. My prayer for you today is to look at yourself. When is your time with God? When do you talk together and are you ready and willing to listen? Do you hear God's voice or is there only silence? Do you hear God's voice or do you get a feeling about something and trust that that is God's answer to you? I haven't always heard His voice the way I do now. That took lots of time and lots of learning to be still enough to listen. May you always feel His peace around you and may you rest in the arms of our Father. Love and hugs!