Devotions by Julie

Hello most precious one. You are getting close to the weekend. I hope you have relaxing plans. I was just scrolling on my computer and a phase popped up. "Faith comes before miracles." It really made me stop and go back to read it again. "Faith comes before miracles." Yep, I read it right. How often do we pray for a miracles to happen in our life.... a loved one who is sick, a child leaving home, a marriage that is rocky. What made me stop and think was that faith comes before a miracle. God says that He is always with us. He tells us we just need to ask in His name, in faith, and it shall be given unto me. That thought also made me stop and think. Do I expect God to answer everything I ask with a yes? Or does He ask me to show faith in Him, to trust that He knows best? A teacher in a class I once took told us that all reason and science go out the window when faith is introduced. He said that science and reason can be proven over and over again. Someone in the room said, but He answers my prayers over and over again. "So prove He exists!" The response was "prove that He doesn't." Faith is believing in someone or something, even when it seems inconceivable that my request can be answered. And remember, sometimes the answer is "no." My prayer for you is that you go to God with faith....the sure assurance that He is with you and has your best interest in His heart...and that you then look for the miracles. Miracles might be missed if you aren't staying conscious of the joy of living your life. May God shine on you and give you His peace. And may He always listen even when I can't talk. Love and hugs!