Burning Bush 2.0 Reflections: Johah

Reflection Questions: Called Hearing and Responding to God’s Voice

Chapter 4: Jonah The Most Reluctant Prophet

Opening Prayer:

 Gracious God, we give you thanks for Jonah and all your prophets who struggled with reluctance, fear, and unwillingness to answer your calling.  We pray that you would sooth and quiet the conflicts within us, that we may more clearly hear your voice and more willingly answer your call; and we pray that we would see you working in our lives and in our world even where we don’t yet know to expect you.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 The book of Jonah is very short and very eventful.  Take this moment to read the 4 chapters of Jonah in one setting.

  •  Why did Jonah decide to flee God’s calling instead of answering it?  Have you ever done anything like that?

  •  Why do we ignore or run away from God’s different callings in our lives?

  •  What message does God give Jonah to proclaim?  Is there any hope in the message?

  •  What is the meaning of God’s love and forgiveness in your life?

  •  How and when have you experienced God’s second chance in your life?

  •  God asks Jonah, “Is it right for you to be angry?”  What are the things that anger us in our lives and world?  How do rid ourselves of our anger and seek ways of mercy?

 Closing Prayer

  Patient and merciful God, we thank you for the second chance your grant to your servants.  We thank you for the power of your Word spoken by even the reluctant and unwilling.  Help us to trust your love and mercy and share with any we encounter—even our enemies and those who wish us harm.  Amen.