Devotion by Julie

Greetings oh most precious child of God! There are days when I start to write something, get interrupted and end up losing everything I'd said so far. Today I am going to use that analogy....why does something or someone seem to be a detriment instead of a benefit? Why do we keep hitting our heads on the wall in front of us? Why do we think things have to be done our way and that we don't need someone telling us what to do? Why do we fret and complain when things are not going our way? When are we going to be quiet and truly listen to what He is telling us? I don't know about you, but I tend to be most comfortable when I'm the boss and I get to call the shots. At least that was how I lived most of my life. It is only in the last few years that I can say, I'll sit back and you can handle it. Why do we need to be "the boss" of everyone? My prayer for you today is that you look around you. Are you calling the shots or is someone else calling them for you. Are the "shots" good for your well being? Is there peace within and beside you? My prayer is that you will seek to live life as a gentle, loving friend and maybe even lover if that option is still there with you. Know that holding on to anger and issues that no longer exist or that can/should be changed by a true apology doesn't hurt the other person half as much as it changes you. May God give you the gift of forgiveness and of peace. May you always know He is watching over you. And may you bring love and peace back in to your relationships. Love and hugs!