Devotion by Julie

Good morning oh most precious child! I trust your day is off to a great start. Someone that we dearly love is having to make some really tough choices about medical treatment. She will have to decide the path she will go down now. She and I have talked in the past and she tells me there is nothing to worry about because it is what it is and she accepts that. In a way learning we are getting to the tough choices is hard. We argue or bargain or rage. But not her. She is ready for whatever happens. I tell her I am concerned about her but not worried because I know she is at peace about the next steps she will face. She has chosen minimal treatment. Do you think you can accept the tough decisions we all have to make? Do you think your faith would keep the fear and grief in check? The answer for her is yes. My prayer for you today is that you look around in your life. See if your choices, whether they be hard or easy, are ones you can live with. Figure out your next step and then turn it over to God. He has your back and He will even carry you if you can no longer stand. May God's love and His peace be with you. May you be filled with acceptance for what is to come. And always, always remember your Heavenly Father is a breath away. Love is the medicine, and the only medicine that can get you through and this beautiful lady is loved beyond measure. God's blessings on you today and may faith, courage and perseverance lead you where you need to go. Love and hugs!