Devotion by Julie

Hey there precious one! I trust your day is treating you kindly. Music has always been a vitally important part of my life. When I would get frustrated and angry, my mom would send me to the piano to pound it out. When I was happy, the piano sound was more gentle and flowing. When I was working on my masters degree, my kids would know the kind of mood I was in because of the music playing in our house. If it was classic, the best plan was just to be quiet and hang out in your room. If it was piano or instrumental music with no singing music, moms studying. But if it was on the station they had been listening to at the volume they were listening to, they could ask me most anything and the answer would be yes. Music was also something I shared with my dad. He had a beautiful tenor voice and I loved accompanying him. I asked him to sing for my wedding. He said yes if he got to pick the song. His choice was to sing "where are you going my little one." He sang it right before he gave me to Dana. My prayer for you is to think about and remember a song that means/meant a lot to you. Listen to it with your eyes closed and just let yourself drift back to how you felt, who did you listen to it with and listen to the words if there are any. Life is too short to waste when it comes to music. Music soothes the hurts in your life. Music can heal the holes in your life. Music can lift you up so you can fly. My prayer is that you will take time to listen to your "favorite " song and be filled. God bless you and keep you. May He shine His countenance upon you. And may He give you His peace. Love and hugs!