"The Seven Deadly Sins" part 6

An Old, Very old, book in my library named ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION is the source I have used in listing the Seven deadly sins surrounding us humans in our cultural environment. It bears the copyright of 1945, which is the vintage of many of the books I own. But many of my colleagues in ministry says that when it come to sinning there is nothing new under the sun. In the same book sin is referred to as:”…distinguished from crime (violation of the civil law) and vice (immorality resulting from the disregarded of the social and ethical standards of society).” Sin is defined as “an act or attitude by which the reality of God is denied or violated.” So if you don’t believe in God, none of these devotional preparations will have any meaning for you.

Pope Gregory the Great’s listing of the seventh deadly sins is the sin of LUST. A man named John Cassian, a Monk of early Christian Monasticism, made a list of eight deadly sins a century before Gregory made his list of seven. In Cassian’s list, his number 2 sin was FORNICATION. That is a word that could be similar to LUST. as both are tied to human sexuality. However LUST is a word that can be tied to other passions. We can, for instance lust after things. And the current passion for an addiction to min-altering drugs is something that addicts lust for. - and would do anything or say anything to get.

The current understanding of LUST, I think, is related to human sexuality, which, it seems to me gives sex a bad name. And that’s too bad because non of us would be here without it. (Maybe the current discovery of the cloning might make that statement untrue). But I am not worried that cloning will replace sex as a way of reproducing life.

In the very beginning of the Bible, Genesis, which has to do with …”In the beginning”, God creates woman - “It is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.(Gen 2:18) Centuries later a man singing in the movie South Pacific sings the words “There is nothing you can name that is anything like a dame.” To me, that is confirmation of the Lord’s wisdom.

Of all of the appetites God has installed in us humans, sex is probably the most beautiful and enjoyable-and necessary. But sex, like all of the other appetites installed in our anatomy can disable or destroy us if not used responsibly. Those who have ears to hear let them take notice - LUST you damage or destroy yourself - or worse yet, damage or destroy someone else.