Hello beautiful child! I trust your week is coming to a peaceful end. We are in the airport in San Fransisco waiting to get on the plane to Denver. We left the car in Denver, so since we are arriving late at night, we will stay there tonight and drive home tomorrow. I thought about how many journeys in our life are sort of like this trip. We work hard to get ready to go, anticipating what we will need. Then the first leg comes. We are excited and ready to go. We go to the next step, again anticipating and planning for a place we may not even know about. Each stop on our journey, we heave a sigh of relief and relax and cruise for awhile. Then you start preparing for the next step. At the end of our journey, we just want to be home. We are tired yet calm at the same time. Our lives are like this...we come brand new and need to learn. We are sponges! Then we move into other parts of our life: school, dating, graduation, college, marriage (sometimes divorce), jobs and life in general. We anticipate and plan for the next leg in our journey. We also learn about loss and grief. We learn about faith and forgiveness. And then, as we get closer to the end of our life, we yearn to go home on see those who have gone before us and to see our Father face to face. Through all of these stages, we can learn to be accepting or we can go kicking and fighting all the way. I choose to work towards acceptance and forgiveness for I know that in heaven there is no more strife, fighting and grief. We are home. My prayer for you today is that you will prepare for and accept whatever the next leg of your journey is. May you always remember that you are a child of God. God bless! Love and hugs!