"Faith Jacket"

Hello my precious child! I am laying beside my youngest grandson getting him a short nap before we hit the pool again. As I watch him throw himself into the water with no fear, I decided to try and see how he would do without his "swimming jacket" on. He started to sink and as I watched his eyes widen in surprise and a little fear, he told me he wanted his swimming jacket back on.i thought about times in my life where I thought I knew it all and had confidence that I could handle whatever came my way. Then, as I tried swimming without my "faith" jacket, I too was surprised and a little, make that a lot, afraid. But just like I was there to "save" Tommy, God is right there to save me. He knows long before I do just what I will need and how to give it to me. My prayer for you today is that when you start to feel like you're going under and you are surprised and afraid, you will trust that He's there for you and may have already supplied what you need. May you wear your "faith jacket" with pride and with absolutely no fear. He's there...now and forever more. God's blessings! Love and hugs!--