"The 7 Deadly Sins" part 2

I was invited to write a second devotional following the first which dealt with the 7 deadly sins as defined by Pope Gregory I, also know as Gregory the Great.  We were to write about our experiences in the Faith and I explained that at age of almost 92 I was one of the most experienced sinners in our church.  Taht assumes believing in the truth tha all of us are sinners.

Pope Gregory lists pride as the number one si which he claims is really the source of all others.  He also lists "vainglory" as a synonym of pride.  I was once expelled from school as a freshman in high school in what might be a description of this one.  All of us like to be winners - the best of something - number ONE.  To be htebest there is a something is often a the bas of our wrong doings.  In shop class the freshman next to me challenged me to a blow-torch fight.  We were taking instructions in how to heat a soldering iron in preparation to solder two pieces of metal together.  I was making a dust pan as a gift to my mother who made good use of such pans when cleaning house.  I was trying to be a good boy and show mom that I loved her.

When the guy next to me challenged me to a duel I wasnot about to be labeled a chichen by my peers in the class; so I fought back as any red blooded American male would do when confronted with such a challenge.  For all I knew he could be a Democrat and my parents were strong Republicans and were teachig me to be the same.

Our shop teacher Mr. Pease, rather thanreferee a fair fight, condemned us both by sending us both to the school superintendent who sent us bot home for the rest of the week and said we would not be readmitted until we told our parents what had happened and that they, personally, would have to bring us back before we were readmitted.

Neither of us will ever know whether or not we were the number one blowtorch fighter in the world.  And it is only by the grace of God and by forgiving parents and school theacher that either of us ever graduated.  So much for vainglory.  Bit it hurt our pride.

-rit by rod-

The scripture for this devotional is Romans 12:3. If sloth does not prevail in you life you will look it up.