Hold it Together

By Julie D

Hello precious child of God! This morning as Dana and I were walking on the beach, I got hit by a huge wave that knocked me off my feet and rolled me in the undertow. I held it together and shut my mouth and closed my eyes. I didn't panic so I didn't get into any real trouble. But afterwards, I was thinking about times in my life where I had that same feeling...of being knocked off my feet and rolled and pulled under. I thought of all the ways I coped with the turmoil. Sometimes I close my eyes and just move forward. Sometimes, I open my mouth and end up swallowing way more than I needed to. Sometimes I panicked and got myself into all kinds of trouble. And sometimes I hold on and just go with the flow. I think the difference is the times I reached out for God’s hand and He pulled me up and out. I’m sure my days of getting rolled are not over but I believe in my heart that if I trust in Him, I will always be safe. May God shine His blessings down upon you and may you be given His abundant peace! Love and hugs!