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Trip to see the Capital Christmas Trees


The More Who Join In, the Merrier and Less Cost


WHERE:            At the Capitol Building in Pierre, South Dakota

WHEN:               Saturday, December 15th, 2018

WHO:                 Everyone and Anyone who wants to join our trip

WHY:                  Many people in our church have said to me, “Let’s go see the Christmas Trees at the Capitol again!”

HOW:                 There is a sign-up form to enter your name at the Information/Welcome Center in our church lobby. Please sign up as soon as you know you want to join in on this trip  to Pierre.  Write your name clearly and your phone number and e-mail if you have one.  All are welcome to join in on this trip including guests of our members.  All ages are welcome, also.  Wonderful educational opportunity to see our beautiful Capitol.

You can also call the church office at 605.336.3652 to reserve your seat.


                             We have reserved a 55-passenger bus of School Bus Charters. It is a nice bus with a bathroom and comfortable seating. The more passengers we have, the less the cost per person.

COST:                55 passengers = $32. per person

                           50 passengers = $34. per person

                             45 passengers = $38. per person

                             40 passengers = $43. per person

                             35 passengers = $49. Per person

AND:                  If we have 34 passengers, we will use a 34-passenger bus rather than the 55-passenger bus. The 34-passenger bus is just as nice as the larger one and the cost per person will be $45.(30 people = $49.)

PAYMENT:       When we know how many people are definitely going, you will be contacted as to what you will pay.



                             December 1st – Your name must be signed on the form to go.

                             December 8th – the date your money must be in the church’s “hands”.  Either cash or a check made to FUMC – Bus Trip (you must be very clear about this.)

AGENDA:         All food will be on your own.  We will leave at 8:30 AM that Saturday morning, December 15th.  Will stop to see the new Dignity sculpture by Chamberlain. Eat at Al’s Oasis for a late breakfast or early lunch or snack.  Proceed on down the road and have a ‘potty stop’ along the way at a nice gas station. When we reach Pierre, we will go immediately to see the Trees – there will be bathrooms there. Will most likely stay for 2 - 3 hours – will gauge this with you all.  We will stop for a fast-food early dinner at a place in Pierre. And then we will head home – singing along the way. You are welcome to bring food and beverages with you.  We will have snacks and bottled water on the bus.

QUESTIONS:   Ask Carol Flynn – 338-1421 

Or  tap me on the shoulder at church – or yell CAROL!!

ONE MORE IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you think you will not be at our Methodist Church before December 1st to sign up for this bus trip, call the church at 336-3652 or me Carol Flynn at 338-1421 and tell whoever answers that you want to sign up for the bus trip – or leave a message.

Earlier Event: December 12
Later Event: December 18
Serve at The Banquet downtown