Carli Steffes

I was coming back from dropping off my daughter at church camp. It was late at night and I was driving south, from ND, had just gone through Redfield. I was very tired from so much driving. All of a sudden, I felt a warm touch on my shoulder. No one else was in the car with me. Then I saw the lights from a police car and heard the siren. I pulled over and the policeman asked why I didn't pull over a while ago. I said I had just seen and heard the police car. The policeman said he had been following me with his lights and siren for over a mile. He asked me if I was ok. I said yes and asked why. The policeman said I was speeding. I told him where I had been and that I was tired. I believe it was God's hand touching me and letting me know about the police behind me. God is always with us and will make us aware that he is present, IF we are listening and have our eyes open.