Tami Prostrollo

Deciding to take the opportunity to move back to SD was a big one. In the end, it was most definitely Jesus lead. My dad had passed away and my step-mom was lamenting having to sell the house because she couldn't handle it alone. Dan piped up immediately and said maybe we should buy it. What! I love my job and have great friends here in San Antonio. Granted maybe someday I would like to move back to SD but not now. Luckily Dan put a condition on our moving. I had to find a job. Easy answer, don't look for a job. Word got around Sioux Falls we may move back and everyone was asking me how my job hunting was going. They wore me down so I half-heartedly began the job search. In the meantime, the atmosphere at work was changing (or was Jesus opening my eyes?) Did I love working here? I loved what I did, but something was definitely nagging at my heart. About 4 months after the idea of moving was given to us I decided to get serious about job hunting. Ok, Jesus if you really want me in Sioux Falls find me a job I will love as much as the one I loved in San Antonio for the last 12 years. After much discernment, I sent an email to the Dakota's Conference office giving them my prior work experience and asked if they thought there may be a place for me in Sioux Falls. I almost immediately received a call, after a little more conversation they suggested I contact First UMC and Embrace UMC. I heard nothing back from Embrace but heard almost immediately back from Pastor Bob. In hindsight, I can see God all over this encounter. The pay was considerably less than I was making in San Antonio but after looking at our financial situation and many prayers I called Pastor Bob and accepted the position only thing left was to talk benefits, I had pretty good medical insurance and wanted to be sure I would have it after the move as well. Hmm, pay cut and no benefits can we do this? I was very nervous but in my heart, I knew this was something God wanted for us. I called Pastor Bob and accepted his offer when he asked if I was sure I wanted to scream NOOO. Almost immediately after I hung up the phone God lifted my heart so high I almost cried. A friend came to pay me for work I would have done for free but she insisted I not argue because God had spoken to her and told her exactly how much to pay me (this wasn't odd for Susan to say). She handed me $100 and I immediately heard God say stop worrying about money I have this! Needless to say 3 months later I have a job I love and great people all around me. Thank you, Jesus, for helping me make the move!